HCM: 78-80-82 Hoàng Hoa Thám, Q.Tân Bình
HN: 37 Ngõ 121 Thái Hà, Q.Đống Đa

Webcam Asus ROG Eye

Nhà sản xuất : ASUS

Tình trạng : Fullbox - Mới 100%

Thời gian bảo hành: 24 Tháng

Giá Cũ:1,990,000₫
Giá KM:1,890,000₫

  • Full 1080P HD at 60fps provides crisp, detailed and smooth video quality
  • Brighter and clearer face viewing with face auto exposure and auto focus technology
  • Wdr technology and blue glass prevents infrared light interference and overexposure in backlit conditions
  • Dual microphones with beamforming technology filters out the ambient noise and keyboard clicking while providing directional pattern settings with one-click
  • Compact and portable design easily fits into a pocket and attaches to laptops, desktops or standard camera tripod mounts quickly and securely (3.19in x 1.14in x 0.67in)

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