Tai nghe Rapoo VH610 7.1

Nhà Sản Xuất : Rapoo

· Tình Trạng : Mới 100% - Fullbox

· Bảo Hành : 24 tháng 

· Màu sắc: Đen

· Cool Led Backlight

· Port: USB Port

Giá: 990,000₫

1.All-round immersive experience, through the driver to turn on the built-in 7.1 virtual surround sound effects, providing a powerful positioning effect and excellent reproduction, gunfire and footsteps are clear and balanced, and every move is under contro

2.Graphene's thin and light material can extend the product bandwidth, improve high-frequency transients, reduce distortion caused by segmented vibration, and highly restore high, medium and low three-frequency sound effects.

3. Body style hose microphone, free to adjust the angle, by suppressing background noise, eliminating noise, and achieving high-definition calls.

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